La Force Molle is a network of musicians and artists working on the notions of exchange and interaction with improvisation as a medium, striving to connect art forms by a dialogue between their respective instruments, tools, emotions and ideas.

« Creation is made in narrowing necks. [...]
If a creator is not strangleheld by a set of impossibilities, he is not a creator.
A creator is someone who sets his own impossibilities, and who creates some possible at the same time [...]
One must think about creation as making its way in between the impossibilities. »

Gilles Deleuze

We are tight-rope walkers.

If improvisation is the art of the moment, it is above all the art of composition into and from the moment. Reaching a total focus and an open state of mind and body is therefore mandatory but not sufficient.

We practice improvisation forms breaking through impossibilities, constraints, thematics, as milestones on a map which we don´t know the territory yet. From the arrangement in time and space of these constraints, a structure emerges and creates new directions we can explore.

When such a roadmap is established, any slight deviation, any infringement, calls to unpredictable reactions. As such, each initiative is to be considered as a will to establish a new dialogue, to create a circular emotional and mental feedback between the artists, and in turn between the artists and the audience.

We are not looking for a common grammar between painting and music. Neither for a code that could set for example a pitch for a color. We strive to establish a common subjective relationship, a form of collective consciousness. We make the choice of risk, of the moment, of exchange and dialogue. The ways and the means matter as much as the results. The mediums shall complement themselves in a temporal and spatial osmosis.